Ano Ba'ng Hanap Mo? | Season 2 Episode 1

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Ano Ba'ng Hanap Mo? | Season 2 Episode 1
Aired on at IBC Channel 13

Ano Ba'ng Hanap Mo? is a new TV show that is classified ads in nature, but would be treated as a real classified ads TV show, as all the products and people promoting services would be seen on television. On its second season Ano Ba'ng Hanap Mo? Will be aired every Sunday on IBC 13 between 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Hosted by Ms. Mickey Ferriols with co-hosts comedians Hyubs Azarcon and Maoi Roca, and directed by Earl Ignacio.

This show is not just about professional services that will be seen, nor it is just about Real Estate or Cars being advertised, so they can be rented or bought right away.

ANO BANG HANAP MO is the country's only comedy classified ads TV show. Now on its second season, ANO BANG HANAP MO is crazier and funnier. With host Mickey Ferriols and co-hosts Maoi Roca, Hyubs Azarcon, Val Pantia, and Vic Toto, the show brings to you what you need and what you are looking for in a tv show.

Hosted by:
Mickey Ferriols
Hyubs Azarcon
Maoi Roca
Val Pantia as Val Diesel
Eric Mendoza as Vic Toto

Directed by: Earl Ignacio

Produced by: Batcave Production

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